Outlook Profiles Good Ol’ Ways to Create and Manage Them

March 23, 2007

The first way we used to apply profile configurations was exchange newprof.exe utility. But the keyword there was contained within the utility name – “new”. It could only create new profiles and cannot modify existing configurations.
Then at last we got modprof.exe and the ability to preserve existing settings and configure new.
The command line we use was
modprof -p \\circinus\dat\cfg$\xyzoutlook.prf
p PRF, specifies the path to the profile settings file. As usual, if no path is specified utility looks for the default.prf file located within %systemroot% folder

s, this switch specifies an option to run the tool in a separate window, ask user to specify the PRF file and display messages within it

x, when the –s option is specified, sets automatic start without waiting for user to select concrete PRF file.

z, specifies MAPI error code output if any

Additional source of trouble in case when you deploy it for several users and on a limited set of persons you get an error is the fact that the tool cannot generate log files.

List of switches for the newprof automatic profile generator program
Creating Default User Profiles


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