Outlook Profiles Replace (PST) files that are in-use with the new ones

March 22, 2007

If you want to replace a file that is currently in use by a user or system process you can just use rename technique.
1. Open command prompt by typing %compspec% within your run dialog box
2. Change the target folder to the folder where the file is to be replaced by executing
cd “\your path\”
if you want to switch to the folder located on the same drive or
cd /d “x:\your path”
to switch to the folder located on another drive
3. Now rename the locked file that you want to replace with the new fresh version copy by typing something similar to
ren function.dll function.dll.old
Windows will allow you to rename the library but will continue to use it until you reboot
4. Copy the new dll library to this location
copy x:\updates\function.dll .\
5. Reboot the PC. When you will log on to system with the new session, system will start to use your new updated version of dynamic link library.

Or you can pick this Locked Files Wizard tool

Additionally there’s useful tool to work with file handles called Unlocker
Good for one-time needs although requires external scripting to do that in multi-pass way.


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