Outlook Profiles. Description, Implementation. Resources and Registry

March 21, 2007

To those of you wondering, what we decided to do further, I will continue the storytelling. We started implementing outlook profiles with Office Profile Wizard. We got Office 2003 Resource Kit and started with creation of standard profile description PRF-file.
The Configuring Outlook Profiles by Using a PRF File whitepaper helped us to tackle the tool up.
The main problem was the fact that after configuring you realize that the settings you’ve made were made from scratch and thus would give the return for new Outlook-less systems only. The good thing was that we just established new room with brand new PCs. The bad thing was that we had to move several users that already work on old PCs but the way to get the settings for them was to apply this newly created PRF on new machines via MST transform file. The second what was actual for us is the we have different versions of operating systems and different versions of applictions which in turn require different steps to apply PRF file.
So we started with manual edit of registry. We deleted the key
to drop the state flag
created a string ImportPRF in
key and set is with value \\circinus\dat\cfg$\xyzoutlook.prf

to point to the PRF file we created and placed on our server share. Thus key value represents the UNC path where circinus is the name of our server, dat\cfg$\ is the share path and the xyzoutlook.prf is how we named our profile configuration file.



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